Rotary Air Force 2000

Adventurer, Aviator and Author, Charles has always believed that if you follow your passions the rest will fall into place. He has traveled five continents with his camera on his shoulder and a sense of adventure in his soul. Jane Goodall sought him out to make wildlife films on the Serengeti Plains of East Africa. Major publications and corporations appreciated his easy going ways and ability to bring to the table dazzling photography. Being restless and never completely satisfied Charles, “kicked it up a notch” by learning to fly and integrate it with his photography skills.

Charles is the first Gyroplane pilot to fly all 48 States without ground support! Chuck’s Spirit of American Youth Tour in 2000 documented these one of a kind adventures!  Chuck has also created 9 books of aerial images from Maine to California and a few places in between.


"Oh, to fly like a bird would be the ultimate high." Ernest (Ernie) Rose never thought his early infatuation with flight and later skill and training in the fine arts would eventually lead him to publishing books of aerial photography. With over 25 years experience in the graphic design, printing and advertising industries, Ernie brings to VFA Publishing an eye for detail, creative design, and a focus on high quality printing.